Discectomy with Neural Decompression (aka D.N.D. or Bandaid Surgery)

Is a surgical technique designed to produce minimal damage and provide maximum ease in the treatment of a variety of common lower back problems, including herniated spinal discs and a narrowing of the spinal column called stenosis. The procedure has several advantages over other common spinal surgeries and is known as the “Bandaid” surgery because the incision is smaller than a bandaid and often that is all the bandage you need after this procedure.

Videos of surgical procedure.

Advantages of Direct Visualization Tiny incision

  • Direct access to pathology
  • Visual diagnosis of pain source
  • Earlier treatment
  • Potential for immediate relief
  • Less chance for recurrence
  • Minimal scarring
  • Multiple levels and bilateral—ONE procedure!

See how we helped one man live a life free of pain:

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